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STO Chair-St. Amant High School, Troupe 7701

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STO-LSMSA, Troupe 7745

Reagan Brown attends The Louisiana School for the Math Science and the Arts and is very involved in the theatre department there! She's been in a few shows like Men on Boats and The May Queen, and she would’ve been in The Scottish Play last semester but Covid had other plans (though she's not surprised they were doing the play that must not be named when the plague hit). Theatre is one of her passions and she's very excited to help make Louisiana’s Thescon the best it can be. As far as personal interest, she loves playing games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, and some of her favourite shows are Adventure Time and basically any cartoon! 

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STO- Caddo Magnet High, Troupe 3594

Ray Carroway is a rising senior at Caddo Magnet High in Shreveport. She has held office in her troupe as secretary and as vice president. Most recently she performed in Radium Girls as Katharine Wiley. She also does light design and brought a design IE for Hairspray to nationals this year. Ray’s favorite theatre moment was traveling with her troupe to perform at the Fringe Festival in Scotland. She is excited to be serving as one of this years Louisiana STOs.

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STO Vice-Chair- Christ Episcopal School, Troupe 8387

Hailey Wendelstedt is a senior at Christ Episcopal School. She has performed in plays since she was in the sixth grade and is the president of her thespian troupe. She has been seen most recently as Valorie in Conor McPherson’s The Weir. Hailey competed at Louisiana state thespian festival and received a superior rating for monologues and a superior for duet acting. She represented the state of Louisiana at the international thespian festival twice and received two Excellent ratings. She is also active in student council, cheese club, and on the cheer squad. Her other hobbies besides theater include: taking photos, sleeping, watching anime, and reading. She is so excited to serve as the STO co-chair!

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STO- Northshore High School, Troupe 7333

Bailey Whitley is in the Class of 2021 at Northshore High School in Slidell, Louisiana. Ask around her school and you’ll find that she’s always doing something.Whether it be tennis, horticulture, being the mascot, or you guessed! The roles she is most known for are: Z (So you wanna be a cheerleader), Narrator 1(Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon), and Mrs. White (Clue: On stage). This aspiring Tim Burton movie star is very excited to meet the gorgeous faces and the gifted minds of those who chose to attend the 2020-2021 Louisiana State Thespian Festival. This festival will be the best one yet!


STO- Mount Carmel Academy, Troupe 2075

Rhyan-Grace Hebert is thrilled to be one of your STO officers this year. She is a junior at Mount Carmel Academy, and proudly represents troupe 2075! She was previously a part of the chapter select one act “Back Cover” and competed in the group acting IE category last year. She is very excited to work with her fellow STO’s this year to plan the best festival yet!

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STO- Slidell High, Troupe 775

Become a STO


1. Attend ALL State Board Meetings with the Adult Board and Chapter Director. STO are required to attend conference call meetings and a one-day leadership retreat. Travel & Food expenses must be incurred by the individual student. Louisiana Thespians does not pay expenses.

2. Assist with the design of the State Festival theme, logo and t-shirt.

3. Assist with the planning of the State Festival.

4. Attend and take an active role in conducting the State Festival.

5. Conduct the Leadership Seminar at State Festival. The Seminar is designed and led by the State Thespian Chair and the International Thespian Rep.

6. Coordinate other theatre activities for State Thespians to attend.

7. Communicate with the Festival Chairperson and Chapter Director.

8. Be a role model for other Louisiana Thespians.

9. Promote ITS/Louisiana Thespians and the ideas for which it stands.



Each troupe may nominate one candidate for election of the State Thespian Officers. In order to be a candidate for the State Thespian Officers, a student must meet the following qualifications: ​

1. Be in his/her sophomore or junior year in high school.

2. Be registered with EdTA as a Thespian in good standing with Louisiana Thespians

3. Be an active member and in good standing with their troupe.

4. Be able to attend State Board Meetings.

5. Must attend the State Festival and Leadership Seminar.

6. Parents, Chapter Director & Principal must sign the Candidate Permission Form.

7. Complete the Student Board Information Form.

8. The student must prepare a typed 200 word essay briefly describing the candidate's theatre background and reasons the candidate would like to serve on the Student Board.

9. If any required information is not received by the deadline, the student will be disqualified. 



1. Elections will be held at the State Festival during the Leadership Seminar.

2. Each Candidate must give a prepared one to two minute speech at the Leadership Seminar giving their background information and explaining why he/she would like to serve as a State Thespian Officer.

3. Each active troupe voting is given 1 vote to select 7 State Thespian Officers.

4. A State Thespian Officer Chairperson is elected each year, with the exception of a Chairperson who served the previous year as Chairperson, would continue as Chairperson for the new term.

5. The past State Thespian Officers will vote for a Chairperson from the newly elected State Thespian Officers.

6. The State Thespian Officer receiving the 2nd largest number of votes from the past State Thespian Officers will be declared Co-Chairperson. Co-Chairpersons do not proceed to Chairperson automatically the following year.

7. All members of the newly elected Thespian Officers must attend the Adult Board meeting at the Festival held on Saturday.

8. Due to campus restrictions, no posters for campaigning will be allowed.

9. Newly elected State Thespian Officers must attend the State Board meeting at the Festival on Saturday.



Terms for newly elected members of the State Thespian Officers begin on the Monday following the State Festival and last exactly one year.



Any State Thespian Officer who fails to attend State Board meetings, refuse to communicate with State Board members or uphold the listed Duties of the STO will result in removal from the State Thespian Officers by the Festival Chair or Chapter Director.


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