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The Thespys are intended to be a non-competitive, educational program offering Festival delegates the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. The goal for participating students is to find their talent, strengths, and weaknesses and to grow as theatre artists. The assessment forms are the same as used by the Educational Theatre Association Thespys ( Students receiving 2 Superiors in the Louisiana Thespys and meet the guidelines for the Thespys are eligible to participate in the Thespys at the International Thespian Festival in Bloomington, IN during June. These guidelines can be found online at


The top two students from each event will receive a callback and the outstanding entry from each event will be selected by the judges to perform their selection during the Closing Ceremonies of the Festival on Saturday. Because the Closing Ceremonies will be cast with representatives of the highest quality performances of the Individual Events, each category may not be represented. ​


Students may choose from the following INDIVIDUAL EVENTS: Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting, Solo Musical Theatre, Duet Musical Theatre, Group Musical Theatre, Stage Management, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Costume Construction, Sound Design, Theater Marketing, Short Film and Scenic Design


The following are the only ways to qualify for Individual Event at the Louisiana Thespian Conference:

1. Must be registered for the entire weekend of the Festival

2. Must be INDUCTED THESPIANS from his/her troupe.

3. Participants may be registered for only one solo performance Individual Event and one group performance event. 

4. Participants may NOT perform with members of other troupes.

5. All Performance Individual Events are limited to 5 minutes after the correct introduction; the exception is Monologue which has a 3 minute total limit. The 5 minutes begins after the correct introduction. Any performances that go over the time limit will be disqualified. However, they will be allowed to complete their performance. The disqualification will be noted on the critique sheet. There will be no 1,2,3,4, or 5-minute warnings. Time limits for all technical events will be 8 minutes for Presentation and 4 minutes for Question and Answer.

6. All participants must use the correct introduction which should ONLY include: entrant’s name, troupe number, the title of selection(s), and the name of the playwright, composer or lyricist.

7. No theatrical makeup is allowed in any event. Costumes are not allowed. Entrants must wear all black clothing when performing or presenting their IE, so the judges can clearly tell an entrant is not wearing a costume. Clothing should be appropriate to the situation and should easily accommodate the action of a scene such as sitting, kneeling, dancing, lying down, etc. Students should also wear black shoes. Students should refrain from wearing anything that might distract the judges.

8. Props of any kind or not allowed and will result in disqualification.

9. Each act must have permission to perform their selection from the publisher. Click here for acceptable material.

11. Must fill out an Thespy Registration Form and pay an Individual Event fee of $10.00.

12. Must meet the Festival deadline.

13. Each Thespy participant must supply their own CD player or blue tooth speaker if music is required. No CD player, blue tooth speaker or piano will be available at the Festival.

14. Each school may register as many as five (5) acts in the musical theatre performance Thespys and as many as five (5) acts in the acting performance Thespys. Technical theater, Musical Theatre Dance and Directing entries are currently unlimited. 

15. Only the Thespy participant and one director will be allowed in the room for each Thespy.


16. Substitutions of students are not allowed.


17. Consult the tentative schedule for the Individual Events times.

Please visit the Educational Theater Association website for up to date specific event guidelines.

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