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Louisiana Chapter Select Showcase Requirements to apply for the Louisiana Chapter Select Showcase for the International Thespian Festival


This applies to troupes that will be attending the International Thespian Festival during the month of June and are interested in showcasing a one-act for Louisiana. The Chapter Select Showcase at the International Thespian Festival features outstanding Thespian productions from state chapters nationwide. The Chapter Select Showcase is a presentation of one-acts, each representing a state chapter. Chapter Select’s twenty-five performance slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full.

1. You must submit the Chapter State Application form & Performance License/ Waiver by the Registration Deadline. Troupes without a performance license or waiver on file will NOT be allowed to perform. Below are the categories. ​​​​​​     


Published material: Troupes must secure written permission from the publisher for presentation at the Festival during Festival dates. Troupes are responsible for payment of royalties. Upon written request, some publishers will waive royalty fees for Festival performances.


Original works: Troupes must have a written statement of originality from the author/playwright—even if it’s you or one of your students—on file with the EdTA National Office.


Works based on non-dramatic material: Troupes must obtain permission to use said material from the publisher. This applies to textbooks, children’s books, novels, short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, etc. Works translated from another language: Troupes must have written permission from the publisher of that translation. This applies to non-dramatic material as well as dramatic.


Music: Troupes must secure permission for all music used in a performance.


Cuttings: Troupes must secure permission to present a cutting from a play from the play’s publisher.


2. You and your original cast must be able to travel to the International Thespian Festival in June at your own expense. You must be registered for the entire International Festival week. You must perform the exact piece at the International Thespian Festival. Visit for the International Thespian Festival Information.

3. Each show has forty-five minutes to perform, ten minutes to set, and five minutes to strike.

4. Lighting: General area lighting is available. Special lighting effects are not available.

5. Sound: The theatre will provide a CD player, amplification, and speakers. Groups may use their own iPod or MP3 player through the theatre sound system. Mics are not permitted.

6. Sets and props: A prop is any item that will fit through a single door and can be carried by a single person. Set pieces are anything bigger. Hand props are items carried onstage by an actor in one hand. Set pieces and flats are not allowed.


*The EdTA Representative and the Chapter Director will select the Chapter Select One Act to represent Louisiana at the International Thespian Festival in June.


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