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Chapter Select 


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2020 Louisiana Chapter Select, Troupe #2075 - Back Cover

Louisiana Chapter Select Showcase Requirements to apply for the Louisiana Chapter Select Showcase for the International Thespian Festival


This applies to troupes that will be attending the International Thespian Festival during the month of June and are interested in showcasing a one-act for Louisiana. The Chapter Select Showcase at the International Thespian Festival features outstanding Thespian productions from state chapters nationwide. The Chapter Select Showcase is a presentation of one-acts, each representing a state chapter. Chapter Select’s twenty-five performance slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full.

Two types of submissions will be considered for Chapter Select performances (45-minute maximum time limit): 


1. Live performances (including virtual) 

2. Hybrid and video-enhanced performances (prerecorded) A live performance is a production for which the cast performance is captured on video, either by recording an onstage performance or by recording a virtual performance through video conferencing software. This includes live performances, virtual performances, online performances, and digital performances with appropriate licensing rights. A hybrid or video-enhanced performance is a production in which scenes are edited together using prerecorded student performance video and video enhancements, such as animations, b-roll, etc., into a final creative product that combines elements of theatre and film. This category includes prerecorded virtual performances, online performances, and digital performances with video special effects or enhancements with appropriate licensing rights.


To have a one act submitted and presented at Virtual ITF, directors must: 

● Secure written permission from the publisher for presentation during Virtual ITF. 

● Obtain video permission/rights granted to your school by the rights holder. 

● Pay all royalties and adhere to the policies in their production contract with the publishing company. 

● Include proof of applicable performance, virtual, and/or digital rights in your application.


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