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Louisiana Allstate Cast

The LA Allstate Cast performs in the opening and closing ceremonies of the LA State Thespian Festival. Auditions are open to any inducted thespian. 


  • Open to all inducted thespians from all troupes.

  • Must complete audition by deadline.

  • Students must be able to attend one in person rehearsal Jan. 14th, 2p-6p in Mandeville, and arrive at festival Thursday, Jan. 18th for rehearsal 8p-10p

  • Travel scholarships available on a need based case please email for information.

Audition Info

DEADLINE: November 15th

Please submit the audition form and a link to a brief YouTube video that exemplifies your best 32 bar cut of a contemporary musical theatre piece, and a 1 minute or less dance combination please include any tricks you can do. 

Please slate with your Name and Troupe Number Be sure to follow these best practices: 

  1. Do not edit your submission by combining multiple takes or auto-tuning. Rather, shoot in a single take to replicate an in-person audition as much as possible. Likewise, no text or special effects should be added. Any editing of the audition will result in a disqualification. 

  2. Make sure you have a great track to use for your accompaniment. Make sure there are no vocals on the track (e.g., no background vocals are allowed). Tracks to many songs are relatively easy to find online, or check with the licensing company who holds the performance rights to the show your song is from; sometimes there are official tracks available that are of superior quality. If you can not find a track, have an accompanist record a track for you and send you an mp3 file. For affordable options, try reaching out to your music teacher, or a local university's music or theatre department as a start. 

  3. Dress neatly. No costumes or theatrical makeup please. 

  4. Find an effective filming location. The area should be quiet so we can hear both you and your track.

  5. Film in front of a non-distracting background. If possible, choose a solid-color wall or consider hanging a sheet behind you. The color should contrast with your clothing.

  6. Make sure you are lit well enough to be clearly visible.

  7. Before filming, conduct a volume test to make sure you can be heard (and that your track can be heard).

  8. Shoot your video horizontally, not vertically.

  9. Try multiple takes and submit the strongest one.

  10. Be yourself! We want to see what makes you — you!

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