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THE SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE is open to all troupes and offers an opportunity for students to perform for an enthusiastic audience of peers, teachers and college reps.

1. Participating Showcase Performance troupes may perform a one-act or an excerpt of a play or musical.

2. Troupe directors must submit a copy of the Copyright Permission for performing at the festival from the publishing copy.

3. There are limited spaces for Showcase Performances and are selected on a “first-come, first served” basis. All registration materials and payments must have been received in order to claim a showcase slot.

4. Performances should be well-rehearsed and material should be in good taste.

5. Selections may not contain nudity, overt sexual gestures or simulated acts, repetitive foul language, slurs (see anti-discrimination policy).

6. Each troupe is allowed 20 minutes total for performance. The house lights will be raised when you reach 20 minutes.

7. Technical needs of each troupe should be minimum and very basic. Lighting is general. Due to time restraints, no major scenery or sets may be used.

8. It is the school and director’s responsibility to secure rights for their play selection.

9. There will be a Showcase Director’s Meeting on Friday of the Festival. Every Troupe Director in the Showcase Performance must attend this meeting.

10. Showcase Performances are generally not evaluated by judges unless being screened for a National Mainstage or Chapter Select Showcase. However, each troupe director is asked to complete a Showcase Evaluation form and critique each Showcase Performance. The Showcase Performance is not a competition. These critiques are meant to be helpful and positive to the troupes.

11. Troupes failing to follow any of the Showcase Guidelines will be placed in “probation status” and will not be allowed to participate in next year’s Festival.

12. TBA’s are not accepted.

Deadline Nov. 15th

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