Virtual LA Thes Fest

Jan. 29-31, 2021


Home of the official California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, and Wyoming Thespian festivals


This January, you’re invited to join thousands of Thespians for a fun-filled weekend of theatre and community. Mark your calendar and clear your schedule now for the International Thespian Society’s first-ever multistate virtual chapter festival!

  • Level up your skills with more than a dozen interactive workshops

  • Watch amazing online performances (or maybe even join one)

  • Meet one-on-one with colleges to launch the next stage of your theatre journey

  • Earn recognition and the chance to showcase your talent in the Thespy® Awards program at this summer’s International Thespian Festival


Plus, you’re guaranteed time to relax, relate, and recharge with Thespians from your chapter and other chapters across the country.


Registration launches December 2! Sign up now to ensure you’re the first to know.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Thespian Nation Live?

Thespian Nation Live will look a lot like your annual chapter festival – except you’ll be able to join from anywhere, from the comfort of your home! You can choose to attend 15 unique workshops covering all aspects of theatre, from acting and directing to writing and design. You’ll watch entertaining online productions, and you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your experience by participating in college auditions or submitting your work for the Thespy® Awards program.


Who should participate?

Thespian Nation Live is open to theatre students in grades seven through 12, their teachers, and other theatre enthusiasts. The event is the official home of the 2021 California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, and Wyoming chapter Thespian festivals.

Thespian Nation Live also welcomes Thespians from Arkansas, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Western Pacific Islands, and Wisconsin. Be sure to attend your chapter’s official festival, plus join Thespian Nation Live for even more theatre fun!

Thespians from Alabama, Arizona, China, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington are encouraged to attend their individual chapter festivals and Thespys qualifying events.


How can I take part in the Thespy® Awards?

The International Thespian Excellence Awards, or Thespys, offer participants valuable recognition and constructive feedback on prepared theatrical performances and technical designs. If Thespian Nation Live is your official chapter festival this year or if your chapter has authorized Thespian Nation Live as a qualifying event (see below), just select Thespys as an add-on activity when you register. You must sign up by December 31 and submit your Thespys video or other program materials no later than January 8 to be adjudicated.

Thespians who earn the highest score in each award category will be featured during the Thespys Qualifier Showcase, to be broadcast on the final evening of Thespian Nation Live.

Note: The Thespy Awards program is open only to inducted Thespians. Thespian Nation Live is a qualifying event for Thespians who do not have a chapter, whose chapter has designated Thespian Nation Live as their official festival, and for Arkansas, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wisconsin Thespians (who may alternatively qualify at their official chapter event).


Who can participate in college auditions?

If you’re a junior or senior interested in studying theatre after high school, you can audition for colleges across the U.S. at Thespian Nation Live ― and even set up one-on-one appointments during the college fair. First-year students and sophomores can get valuable feedback from colleges to help prepare for similar auditions in future years. All auditions must be recorded prior to the event and submitted by January 8.

Note: College auditions are open only to inducted Thespians.


What if I can’t attend the entire event?

All Thespian Nation Live sessions will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing at your convenience. Plus, all programming is archived for 30 days after the event, giving you plenty of time to re-watch a favorite workshop or catch a performance you might have overlooked. You won’t miss a thing.

Important Information

Join us for a great weekend of Thespian activities!

Sign up to be notified once registration opens on December 2nd. 

Pre-CovidFestival Events

The Louisiana Thespian Thespys are intended to be a non-competitive, educational program offering Festival delegates the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. The goal for participating students is to find their talent, strengths, and weaknesses and to grow as theatre artists

The Showcase Performance is open to all troupes and offers an opportunity for students to perform for an enthusiastic audience of peers, teachers and college reps.

This applies to troupes that will be attending the International Thespian Festival during the month of June and are interested in showcasing a one act for Louisiana. The Chapter Select Showcase at the International Thespian Festival features outstanding Thespian productions from state chapters nationwide. The Chapter Select Showcase is a presentation of one-acts, each representing a state chapter. Chapter Select’s twenty-five performance slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full.

The Cabaret Performances are open to all troupes and offers the opportunity for students to perform theatrical-based acts. Monologues, scenes, mimes, singing and dancing are examples.

Current Seniors planning to study theater in college can audition for college scholarships in performance and technical theater.

Louisiana State Thespians has seven (7) State Thespian Officer positions to be elected at the State Festival. It is not necessary for all 7 positions be filled. These 7 students are the student leaders for Louisiana Thespians. The State Thespian Officers provide ideas, suggestions and advice to the Adult Board. 

Join this fun, crazy obstacle of technical challenges! The Louisiana Thespian Tech Challenge opens the Festival with each troupe being put to the TECH TEST!

Each troupe registers TWO REPRESENTATIVES for this fun, all-participant event. No experience is required! So get ready "techies" (and "non-techies") because we're gonna hammer, paint, design and light crazy!!!

Present your troupe in a positive “commercial style” sketch and tell about your school drama program, productions, classes, theatre events, or fund raisers in a 2 minute video! All registered troupes are encouraged to submit a video or power point

Pre-CovidFestival Policies


Troupes must sit in the assigned seats in the theater and keep the area clean.


Students must attend and participate in all phases of the Festival.


Dress code should be appropriate.No hats in the theater.


Wear your name badge at all times. 


No smoking, alcohol or drugs allowed. 


No eating or drinking in the theater or workshops.


No talking, whispering or sleeping during performances.


Do not leave your seat during performances.


Cell phones, music device or headsets are not allowed in the theater or workshops.


Students should not leave the Festival area without their school theater director.


The taking of audio, video, or still pictures (flash or otherwise) is strictly prohibited by copyright laws. Only authorized Festial photographers will be allowed to photograph inside the theater.

Students, chaperons, parents or troupe directors who fail to comply with these Festival Policies or rules of the university will be sent home without refund and will result in the troupe being subjected to probation the following Festival year.


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