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College Auditions

Colleges who would like to attend may register here.
College Auditions: for 2023-24 are open to 10th-12th grade thespians to submit audition materials for participating colleges and universities
Audition Guidelines for students

Audition Guidelines for students


Musical & Acting: 

● Auditions are 90 seconds TOTAL. 

○ (Does not include slate. Slate = your name, audition selection titles, written/composed by...) 

○ Acting = 2 contrasting monologues 

○ Musical = 1 song selection and 1 monologue 

■ Not included in 90 seconds is a moment to speak with accompanist about tempo 

● Time keeper will cut you off at 90 second mark. 

● Wear an outfit that makes you easily identifiable. Try to avoid IE blacks. 

● Contrasting monologues does not necessarily mean Shakespearian and modern. Think creatively 




● Auditions are “round robin” style 

● 2-3 minutes with a college rep then they move to next table 

● You get a table to set up examples of your work 

○ Ex: portfolios, realized costume designs, stage manager binders, etc. 

● Bring water, have equipment charged up, & plan for no WIFI 

Call Backs: College reps will begin posting call back lists throughout the audition process. During callback time, selected students will visit with individual college reps at their booth locations. 

Deadline Dec. 22nd
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