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2021 Virtual Showcase Info

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Troupe #775 2020 Showcase, Matilda the Musical

THE SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE is open to all troupes and offers an opportunity for students to perform for an enthusiastic audience of peers, teachers, and college reps. Showcases will be linked in the Louisiana room as part of the 2021 Thespian Nation Live. 

1. Participating Showcase Performance troupes may perform a one-act or an excerpt from a play or musical. 20-minute maximum time limit.

To have a one-act submitted and presented at Virtual LA Thes Fest (part of Thespian Nation Live) directors must: 

● Secure written permission from the publisher for presentation during Virtual ITF. 

● Obtain video permission/rights granted to your school by the rights holder. 

● Pay all royalties and adhere to the policies in their production contract with the publishing company. 

● Include proof of applicable performance, virtual, and/or digital rights in your application. (ORIGINAL WORKS ARE ALLOWED)

2. All Showcases will be streamed using Vimeo through Thespian Nation Live. 

3. Performances should be “polished” and material should be in good taste.

4. Selections may not contain vulgarities, foul language or offensive materials. *As this guideline is subjective in nature you must indicate on your application if your showcase contains material that may be considered offensive by others.

5. TBA’s are not accepted.

Deadline to apply December 18, 2020

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